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Innovations for growing patients

Enhance the brilliance of your clinical skills with the Invisalign System and iTero Scanner

Product innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Align. That’s why we’ve invested over $1 billion in research and development over the last 21 years, enabling you to transform the smiles of adults, teens and children with the world’s most advanced clear aligner system.

The Invisalign System, based on orthodontic principles and forces, is clinically proven to achieve more predictable clinical results. The unparalleled expertise that comes from treating more than 9 million patients1 means greater accuracy, reliability and predictability for every single one of your adult and growing patients.

See how our end-to-end platform can help enhance your brilliance, for truly stunning clinical outcomes time after time.

Our clinical innovations

SMART Technology

Our groundbreaking innovations include three patented SMART technologies to help enhance your skills.

Take our SmartTrack material for example, which is unique to the Invisalign System. A special multi-layered process enables you to apply gentle force for predictable tooth movements, with the strength to deliver highly accurate results. SmartTrack material moves teeth into place 75% more predictably than other clear aligners2 and can be custom trimmed to match the gingival line.

You also have the benefit of SmartForce attachments and aligner features, which are specifically engineered to deliver the force systems needed for predictable tooth movements. Each feature is incorporated into the treatment plan and automatically positioned by our software for improved treatment efficiency.

Last but not least, our SmartStage technology improves predictability by determining the optimal pathway for each movement and controlling the sequence of these movements.

When used in combination, our SMART innovations enable you to achieve more predictable tooth movements than other clear aligner systems2. With SMARTs, even the most complex malocclusions can be corrected, so you can transform more smiles.

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Innovations for your growing patients

Invisalign System with Mandibular Advancement

We all know that teenage years can be difficult at the best of times. But now you can offer your teen patients a more comfortable solution than wires and brackets, with a simple and efficient single appliance system that’s clinically proven to treat mild and moderate to severe Class II malocclusions. In fact, 95% of experienced Invisalign orthodontists achieve the finish they want for their teenage patients with our system.3

It’s therefore no surprise that orthodontists who use Invisalign with Mandibular Advancement technology grow their number of teenage Invisalign patients faster than those who don’t.1

Invisalign First

Wouldn’t it be great to have all benefits of the Invisalign System, with new features specially developed for younger patients too? Well, that’s exactly what Invisalign First offers, to help you use your skills to the full.

As the first of their kind, these aligners work to develop dental arch from, creating space for erupting dentition. They can also be used to address a range of other conditions, including A-P correction and aesthetic alignment, as well as tooth protrusions or interferences.

As over 80% of those with children aged 6-10 years prefer Invisalign First clear aligners to traditional appliances4, you can give parents something to smile about too. It’s no wonder 96% of Invisalign orthodontists agree that offering Invisalign First treatment will grow their young patient starts.5

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ClinCheck Pro 6.0

Our ClinCheck Pro treatment planning software uses proprietary algorithms to help you deliver highest quality outcomes time after time, leveraging data from more than 9 million patients treated worldwide1. That puts you firmly in control, helping to enhance your skills at every step of a patient’s treatment journey.

With ClinCheck Pro 6.0, you can move Invisalign digital treatment planning to the cloud, making ClinCheck tools and features available to you anytime, anywhere, on your laptop, personal computer or tablet. Soon you also have our new ClinCheck ‘In-Face’ Visualization tool, which combines a photo of a patient’s face with their 3D Invisalign treatment plan, creating a personalised view of how their new smile could look.

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more predictable tooth movement with SmartTrack Material vs. single-layer 0.030 in EX30 clear aligners2


of experienced Invisalign orthodontists achieve the finish they want for their teenage patients with Invisalign treatment3

Over 9 million

patients treated worldwide as a result of our partnership1

invis is your brilliance, enhanced

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